Artificial Intelligence – Are We Scared Yet?

From Amazon’s Alexa to improvements in cancer care, artificial intelligence is changing our world. But today leading tech figures from Silicon Valley worry about the future that’s being created. Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, believes George Orwell’s 1984 could become … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – Are We Scared Yet?

“Active Measures”–the Trump/Putin Connection

Active Measures is a 2018 documentary film by director Jack Bryan. It is the first major documentary to address the allegations of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and agents of the Russian state. Owen Gleiberman, chief film critic for Variety writes of it :  “…Active Measures names the names and fills in the flowchart of Trump’s corruption with gripping authority“ The film also incorporates the research of Christopher Steele the MI6 officer who was tasked with providing his own personal intelligence insight into the Trump Russian associations – his intelligence document was discredited by the Trump administration ask fake news … Continue reading “Active Measures”–the Trump/Putin Connection

America’s resurgence is real says President

President Obama reflected on the growth of America in 2014 stating that the increase in 11 million more jobs, affordability of better healthcare, the lowering of oil and gas in light of increased oil/gas production he said of his hopes for an increasing economy: ‘The steps that we took early on to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation helped make 2014 the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s. All told, over a 57-month streak, our businesses have created nearly 11 million new jobs. Almost all the job growth that we’ve seen have been in … Continue reading America’s resurgence is real says President


The “no fly” list procedures that are used to prevent individuals who may present a security hazard from flying on commercial aircraft are being revised to make them more transparent and easier to challenge, government attorneys said Friday. They asked a court to suspend a lawsuit disputing the constitutionality of the “no fly” procedures for two months until the revisions are complete. “The Government… is currently reviewing and revising the administrative redress procedures for denials of boarding,” Justice Department attorneys said in a November 14 memorandum in support of a motion for a stay of proceedings in the lawsuit Gulet … Continue reading US GOVERNMENT DRAFTS NEW RULES ON “NO FLY” LIST

Karzai says US are talking to the Taliban

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has announced that the US is engaged in talks with the Taliban. He has intimated that “Foreign military and especially the US itself” are involved in peace talks with the Islamic extremist group. However later, an attack was made on a Kabul police station which killed  nine people by suicide bombers. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had previously said that there could be political talks with the Taliban by the end of this year – also the US wishes to start withdrawing its 97,000 troops from Afghanistan in July. It aims to gradually hand over all … Continue reading Karzai says US are talking to the Taliban