The Cricket in Times Square

We all hear similar sounds. .. but what do we listen to? A Masai community leader was invited to New York for a symposium.ln Times Square, amidst all the blaring of horns and bustle of humanity,he grabbed his host and said, “| hear a cricket!” He then slowly crossedthe street to where some shrubs were growing. He looked into the bushes,beneath the branches, and to his friend’s great amazement, there was asmall cricket. “That’s impossible!” exclaimed his friend. “You must have super-human hearing!” “Not quite,” said the Masai. “My ears are no differentfrom yours. ltjustdepends on what you’re listening for.” … Continue reading The Cricket in Times Square

Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis is occurring all of the UK today. Above is screen capture of the current warnings across the UK and also a screen capture of the current occurrence of Storm Dennis across of the UK The Army has been drafted in to help with the current flooding in parts of Yorkshire. Below is the advice provided by the Environment Agency if you are affected by flooding or severe weather. Click to access flood_warnings.pdf Continue reading Storm Dennis

Extinction Rebellion threatens action over Terrorist Listing

by Vikram Dodd (Guardian’s Police and crime correspondent) Extinction Rebellion is threatening legal action against counter-terrorism police for what it said was the illegal listing of the group an extremist ideology in a guide designed to help stop terrorist violence. The Guardian revealed on Friday that counter-terrorism police placed the non-violent protest group on a list of extremist ideologies that should be reported to the authorities running the Prevent anti-radicalisation programme. Police now say that was an error. On Saturday Amnesty International condemned police as criticism grew and questions remained about how Extinction Rebellion (XR) came to be included in … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion threatens action over Terrorist Listing