India 99 the Force in the Sky

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Police aviation in United Kingdom provides the British police with an aerial support unit to assist them in pursuit, surveillance and tracking. The most common air support aircraft is the Eurocopter EC 135T, which is equipped with daytime and night vision video equipment, instrument flight rules systems and radio equipment to track suspects and liaise with officers on the ground.

While most aerial units operate helicopters, some forces also use of aeroplanes such as the Britten-Norman Defender. An aeroplane allows higher and quieter surveillance, making it less likely that suspects will become aware they are being watched. A light aircraft also allows for longer flying time and lower running costs.

Police aviation in England and Wales was once a force-by-force organisation, however, from April 2012 it became centralised as a National Police Air Service.

The Police force in the UK act as not only as pilots, but advanced drivers, social workers, enforcement advisors and lawyers, and of course scientists in the 21st century- The UK police is one of the oldest forces in the world, formed in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel.

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