Artificial Intelligence – Are We Scared Yet?

From Amazon’s Alexa to improvements in cancer care, artificial intelligence is changing our world. But today leading tech figures from Silicon Valley worry about the future that’s being created. Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, believes George Orwell’s 1984 could become … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – Are We Scared Yet?

Robot Wars

   Two students from Cornell University recently paired up to ‘artificial intelligence’ to hold a conversation with each other and the results are truly interesting. Within a short time the the AI conversation from the two on-line “chatbots“,  named Alan and Sruthi turned argumentative. The reason for this the students explained is that the AI program has been around  since 1997,  and used previously in situations with humans ‘talking’ with the program – therefore arguments as to the credibility of the ‘other person’  (in reality the AI program) was learned by the program as the humans questioned the other person … Continue reading Robot Wars