Thailand Killer Shoots 37 People in a Child Care Centre

In one of the most saddest crimes in Thailand’s history a former police officer killed 37 people in a Childcare Centre

A former police officer killed at least 37 people in a gun and knife attack at a childcare centre in north-east Thailand. Most of the victims were children, and the attacker killed himself and his family after a manhunt.
The attacker’s son used to drop off at the centre, and was always polite and chatty, the headteacher said.

Panya Kamrab the Thailand Killer, now the most wanted man in the world

The shooter shot four or five officials at the childcare centre first, then forced entry to a locked room where children were sleeping.
Police officers arrived after the attack and found the bodies of adults and children, some of them very young, lying inside and outside the building. The perpetrator committed suicide in his home.
The attacker was Panya Kamrab, a former police lieutenant colonel, who appeared in court on Thursday for drug use.
Armed with a shotgun, a pistol and a knife, the attacker stormed the nursery and killed several people before fleeing the scene in a white Toyota pick-up truck.
Mass shootings in Thailand are rare, although gun ownership rates are high and illegal weapons are common.