Electricity Suppliers Warn of 3 Hour Power Cuts

Gas shortages this winter could force factories to ‘shut down’, says industry chief. The National Grid warns of three-hour power cuts in some areas.

The National Grid Electricity System Operator is planning for a sufficient power supply in the face of a challenging winter for European energy supplies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

People will get money back for shifting their power use away from times of high demand, and larger businesses will be paid for reducing demand.

The ESO is launching a new service in November that will reward people for using electricity at night instead of the peak times. It is hoped it will deliver 2GW of power savings to balance supply and demand.

National Grid’s winter outlook said that without the scheme there would be days when electricity demand would be high and wind power would be low. It also warned that if there was not enough gas to keep the country’s power stations going in January, some customers could be without electricity.

The UK has a secure and diverse energy system, and is not dependent on Russian energy imports. It also has access to North Sea gas reserves, imports from Norway, and clean energy sources.