Sunak: Caretaker PM to Boost Economy?

Several MPs believe the former chancellor would step forward if the Tories were on course to lose the next election, but others want to act quickly to crown him as a new leader.

 Senior former conservative cabinet members want to depose Liz Truss as prime minister and replace her with Rishi Sunak, who is the rebels’ preferred candidate. The MPs are debating installing Mr. Sunak in No. 10 in an uncontested “coronation” because they believe he will boost the economy and increase their chances of retaining seats in the next election. They have faith that the former chancellor could step forward “for the good of the country”

Mr Sunak’s ally said he had nothing to do with the plotting and had spent the last week in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Mr Sunak won the first round of voting among MPs but was defeated by Ms Truss in the final-round vote by party members. However, many believe his criticism of her economic plans was vindicated.