Afghan Crisis: 180 Dead in Kabul I.S. Bombing Explosions

Suicide Bombing Exlposion Leaves 180 Dead in Hamid karzai Airport in afghamistan’s KABUL CITY

Today two explosions the first a suicide bombing  explosion outside Abbey Gate of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport and the second at a nearby hotel, Both explosions have reported having killed 180 people including some US military personnel helpimng to facilitate the departure of afghan refugees. Gunfire also ripped through the crowds – causing multiple casualties including dead children and three wounded US marines. The second gomb went off outside the Baron Hotel in Kabul a short distance from the airport .

60 people were earlier taken to hospital in Kabu, that figure is increasing. It’s believed that both attacks was carried out by Islamic State who earlier confirmed this.

On Twitter, CNN Anchor-man Jim Schiotto said :” According to initial reports, there are some US personnel among the wounded in the explosion outside Hamid Karzai International Airport on Thursday, according to three US officials and a source familiar with the situation. @CNN reporting”

John Kirby a spokesperson at the Pentagon has tweeted that there are an ‘unknown’ number of casualities of the suicide bombing explosion blast, he tweeted : “We can confirm that the explosion near the Abbey Gate of the Kabul airport has resulted in an unknown number of casualties. We will continue to update.”

Both the UK and US Government has issued advice to for people to avoid Kabul’s airport and seek safety elsewhere as the situation is potentially dangerous. Many are still in the airport desperate to leave on those US flights out of the country. It may look as though UK and US Personnel may have to leave people in this airport for their own safety.

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