UK’s Artificial Intelligence Ten Year Strategy

The UK government recently announced that it will spend up to £23 million to create up to 2,000 artificial intelligence (A.I.) scholarships across England. This will help those with non-STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees get into master’s programmes. … Continue reading UK’s Artificial Intelligence Ten Year Strategy

G20 To Tackle Tax Avoidance

The finance ministers meeting today at the G20 held in Moscow have today pledged to ensure that multinational companies will no longer be able shifting profits from a home country to pay less tax elsewhere – the aim is to prevent tax avoidance by large companies. France, Britain and Germany have been the main proponents seeking radical changes to existing european legal loopholes and members of these countries also promised to refrain devaluing their currencies to gain economic advantage; which could cause a “currency war”. The fears had been sparked by Japan’s recent policies, which have driven down the value of the yen, aiding its exporters. … Continue reading G20 To Tackle Tax Avoidance