BBC – The Story of Electricity

The BBC are again showing  Professor Jim Al–Khalili on BBC Four’s “Shock and Awe – The Story of Electricity”. The Story of Electricity  is quite incredible from the work of Alessandro Volta and Humphrey Davy up to the invention of electro-magnetism of Michael Faraday work and the foresight of Nikola Tesla  – this is recounted captured beautifully. There is debate about as to where the music for the series has come from – many people on the internet seem to think it may originally be from Hans Zimmer. What follows is the series of three parts in full (courtesy of … Continue reading BBC – The Story of Electricity


This is “Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children” which was recently shown on BBC Four. The documentary uncovered the appalling treatment of disabled and autistic children in the town of Mogilino, Bulgaria. If you are affected by this programme PLEASE sign the following U.K  petition The Lora Foundation Organisation helping special needs children in Bulgaria Continue reading BBC FOUR “BULGARIA’S ABANDONED CHILDREN”