This is “Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children” which was recently shown on BBC Four.

The documentary uncovered the appalling treatment of disabled and autistic children in the town of Mogilino, Bulgaria.

If you are affected by this programme PLEASE sign the following U.K  petition

The Lora Foundation Organisation helping special needs children in Bulgaria


  1. I missed this, but I’m so glad you have put the documentary up here to view, I just about managed to watch it all through, I’m lost for words at the moment as I’m so heart broken & emotionally drained. Its so hard to believe that this sort of thing should be aloud to go on in which we call a civilized world.

  2. Thank’s for the comment Ruth. I received a letter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding this programme after I left a message on the 10 Downing Street website at the end of last year (the programme was originally shown at the end of last year).
    From what I gather the home in question has now in fact been closed. What became of the children I don’t know, the aim I believe was to have them put into the care of the community.
    The programme maker met with a couple of people from the Bulgarian Government, and although the talks they had were good, if I remember correctly the Bulgarian ministerial representatives said that they would see that some plan of action would be considered but the talks did not appear to decide what action would be taken. The ideal would have been to have children like tihis integrated into families in the community or to live with their own families again, but many families just cannot afford or will not look after physically or mentally disabled children or children with learning difficulties and the cultture in this country – especially in poor rural areas dictates that these children will inevitably always be abandoned until a change of attitudes and help for these families is put in place.
    If I can I will try to did out the letter that I received. The FCO is aware of the problem the programme highlighted although it appears to be the tip of the iceberg as many ex-soviet and baltic countries have homes/institutions like this. The BBC has recently uncovered the ongoing use of cot-beds with bars which keep children "secured" within their beds (an issue I recently wrote to my local MP about) which is in violation of Human Rights conventions (UNCHR) and follow assurances from Governments that this form of "imprisonment" of a child would not be used.
    Serbia has also recently come under scrutiny and had criticism of it’s child care homes – but alas I fear the problem is more endemic across many of these countries. What is required is a complete inspection spanning all EU countries perhaps worldwide to see the state of the conditions that children are living in and not just signatories to legislation on treaties that obviously that are being ignored.  

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