Q-Force the Greatest Spies!

Q-Force is Netflix’s new Winner on the popular streaming channel, simply put it is a comedy hit and fabulous! Watch out Q-Force “A-Team” is here James Bond!

Q-Force is an animated cartoon series is about ‘Queer Force’ (Q-Force), a group of undervalued LGBT superspies, and this offering from Netflix is fast gaining worldwide hit on the streaming channel.

The series centers on a gay secret agent Steve Maryweather  (also known as Agent Mary and is the most perfect as an AIA ‘James Bond’) and his team of spies as they prove themselves on personal and professional adventures. The team consists of Agent Steve Maryweather,

 Steve was formerly a rising star of the AIA before he came out as gay. He heads the Q-Force team consisting of himself, Stat (A Lesbian Hacker), Twink (A young gay male who’s a master of disguise and impersonation and rather ‘fabulous’, and Deb (an Afro-American Lesbian who is an engineer and mechanic whose love is Pammy, her darling wife).

One day, Mary decides to prove himself to the American Intelligence Agency (AIA), solve a case, and get the approval of the agency, but they have to add a new member to their team, a straight man, Rick Buck (a straight agent brought into the Q-Force team once they became official spies, serving as a liaison between them and the AIA.)

Released on Netflix 2nd September 2021

Q-Force Netflix’s New Blockbuster Series! If you want to gorge on the series and cannot get Netflix then enjoy this link to the series

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