The funeral of Shay Bradley

Shay Bradley, grandfather and father of four from Dublin; passed away last week after a tough three-year battle with cancer. but the 63 year old’s dying wish was to prank his family and friends through a pre=recording where he was pretending to have been buried alive.

His daughter, who recorded the message “from beyond the grave” for those mourners as part of the ‘funeral prank’ admitted that her brother and father had kept it a secret for one whole year before his death.

.The graveside pre-recorded message which sounded like it was coming from inside the coffin had some mourners at first a little shocked but many realising his funeral prank all started to laugh at it.

In the message, Shay can be heard saying: “Hello? It’s dark in here. Let me out. I can hear you all! I’m in the box.”

His daughter Andrea said her father would have “loved” the reaction.

She said: “My dad was absolutely crazy. That would have been his ideal reaction from the trick. He was always a prankster and joking with everyone, he was a real jovial character.”

Andrea, daughter of Shay Bradley

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