MOSSAD defies President in warning against Iranian Sanctions

 181220131054074135102_2 Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, has warned American Congress against imposing financial sanctions against Iran – this however runs contrary to the views expressed by Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu who is supporting a bill that calls for more sanctions imposed on Iran. Iran was treaty to signing the Joint plan of Action, known as the Geneva interim agreement in 2013 in Netanyahu-obamaSwitzerland. The pact which would ease the economic sanctions that had previously been passed on Iran in exchange for Iran’s suspension of it’s Nuclear program. However two republican senators, Robert Menendez and Mark Kirk opposed the agreement, calling instead for a new bill in US Congress that imposes greater sanctions should Iran not make the substantive changes in it’s nuclear programme to the P5+1 countries by 30th June.

Bloomberg news agency has reported that the Israeli security and intelligence service Mossad has discreetly approached US officials and politicians and cautioning them that the Menendez-Kirk bill could completely ruin the Geneva agreement that Iran has signed to. The Obama administration and leading republican have already  used this disagreement within the Israel government and it’s security forces to oppose greater sanctions and leading Republican Senators such as John McCain would like to see new legislation that doesn’t contain sanctions but would require that the Senate vote on any pact that is agreed upon in Geneva.

US President Barack Obama who opposed the bill, feared it could prompt Iran to accelerate its nuclear program, and has publicly said he would veto it. Meanwhile, his Secretary of State, John Kerry, quoted this week an Israeli intelligence official who allegedly told him that, if enacted, the Menendez-Kirk bill would “throw a grenade into the process”. Bloomberg says in it’s report that the the Israeli intelligence agency has warned US officials abroad, and also   contacted a US delegation visiting Israel. It said that senior US officials were told by Mossad  staff that any bill calling for more sanctions against Iran would collapse talks already inexistence.

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