D-Notice Advice on Wikileak further disclosure

Andrew Vallance Secretary, Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee has written to editors of all TV & Radio, Newspaper, and Satelite/Cable broadcaters in the UK:

“To All Editors

Impending Further National Security Disclosures by Wikileaks

I understand that Wikileaks will very shortly release a further mass of US official documents onto its internet website. The full scope of the subject matter covered by these documents remains to be seen, but it is possible that some of them may contain information that falls within the UK’s Defence Advisory Notice code. Given the large number of documents thought to be involved, it is unlikely that sensitive UK national security information within these documents would be recognised by a casual browser. However, aspects of national security might be put at risk if a major UK media news outlet brought such information into obvious public prominence through its general publication or broadcast.

Therefore, may I ask you to seek my advice before publishing or broadcasting any information drawn from these latest Wikileaks’ disclosures “

Source http://britanniaradio.blogspot.com/2010/11/that-wikileaks-d-notice-guido-fawkes.html

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