In March 2008 some 50 representatives of the Bhopal survivors, including children, began the long walk – moimage re than 800km – to New Delhi to seek a meeting with the Prime Minister.

They are now in New Delhi hoping for an opportunity to discuss a resolution of their major and long-standing concerns over the clean-up and remediation of the Bhopal site, and ongoing problems in relation to health, lack of clean water and lack of information. (Source : Amnesty)

The Indian Government refuses to acknowledge the problem by helping with the required measurements for providing adequately treated water. (Source: Cicero)

Dow Chemical Company (the company who took over from Union Carbide) has refused to help clean up the Bhopal site. Dow has said the following "What we cannot and will not do… is accept responsibility for the Bhopal accident." – CEO Michael Parker, 2002.) On it’s website Dow Company said "the Dow position has not changed, despite public pressure." (Source: Cicero)

You can show your concern by writing to the following :

Dr. Manmohan Singh – Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
Room No. 152
South Block New Delhi
110 001

Andrew N. Liveris
Dow Chemical Company
2030 Dow Center Midland,
MI 48674.
Fax: 989-832-1556

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