Bill Maher on Recession, Donald Trump and endangered species

Comedian Bill Maher explained in a recent TV show that his calls for another economic recession would jeopardize President Trump’s chances at reelection in 2020 and he described as “very worth” to end Trump policies. Speaking with journalists Betsy Woodruff and Carl Hulse, and also political consultant Rick Wilson;  Maher singled out Fox New’s presenter Sean Hannity who opposes the idea of rooting for a recession, saying he wasn’t a genie and “I do not have this power.” he added “I’m just saying we can survive a recession. We’ve had 47 of them. We’ve had one every time there’s a … Continue reading Bill Maher on Recession, Donald Trump and endangered species

Animal Welfare after Brexit

Animal welfare standards in farming after the UK leaves the EU Published  Thursday, January 19, 2017 This pack has been prepared ahead of the debate on Animal Welfare Standards in Farming after the UK leaves the EU (Brexit), to be held in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 24 January 2017 430-530pm. The Member in charge of this debate is the Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP. Jump to full report >> Animal welfare is a devolved issue. The welfare of animals involved in commercial operations (i.e. those animals that are farmed) is subject to a substantial body of EU regulation; the RSPCA … Continue reading Animal Welfare after Brexit

Time to End Snaring of Animals

Time to stop this Barbaric Practice Wire snares are indiscriminate, inhumane and unnecessary. CHRIS PITT of the League Against Cruel Sports has the facts to prove it. Of all the cruelties humans have inflicted on animals over the centuries, the wire snare is once of the worst and Moist enduing. Simple in design, devastating in effect, a tool of poachers throughout the ages, the snare is now commonly used for another purpose. Around 260,000 snares are in use at any one time, catching 1.7 million animals each year. However, snares are only used and 5 per cent of landholdings in … Continue reading Time to End Snaring of Animals


If there’s one thing that enrages the Facebook masses and gets messages flying with rage it is the disturbing viral or pictures’ of animal cruelty. Facebook followers respond to viral in their thousands calling for justice for the individual or more likely the removal of their genitalia or call for the death penalty for individuals like this. Often the post will ask for people to share the images on the internet so that the individuals can either be caught or more likely as the case to cause every reader to comment on how they would like to treat these perpetrators … Continue reading MAN PUNCHES DOG AND BURIES IT – PLEASE SHARE!

German Cow is Free at Last!

Yvonne the cow that escaped from a farm in Bavaria in May has been caught and thankfully the cow that stole the hearts of the German people in her fight for animal liberation is now at Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary where activists originally paid €600 to prevent her slaughter. Although initially there was a €10,000 reward placed on her capture where she managed three months on the run before a farmer reported seeing her on his land. Konrad Gutmann, 46, claimed the €10,000 reward by the German tabloid Bild – after seeing what he thought was a lonely animal wandering … Continue reading German Cow is Free at Last!