Ukrainian Displaced Dogs Wait Patiently in Queue – Here’s Why…

Nate Mook came across something in Ukraine that made him halt in his tracks. A line of displaced dogs was patiently waiting in a straight line across the pavement to eat from a pet feeding station that Mook had helped set up the day before. Mook tweeted, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

In support of Ukrainian dogs who have lost their homes as a result of the ongoing Russian invasion of the nation, which, according to news sources, has uprooted more than five million people from their homes and forced over seven million more to flee the country, Mook has been actively participating.

Mook told The Dodo, “We’ve seen a huge need for support for the animals. “Dogs and cats with previous homes.”
Numerous volunteers have already offered their assistance. However, the need for funds and resources is rising. Another tweet from Mook stated that “food demand is enormous in freed regions, but also for vets & removing dogs from the frontline.” Volunteers are putting their lives in danger to save cats and dogs.

Mook also helped bring 500 pounds of donated pet food to a shelter in Sviatohirsk that houses animals discovered walking the streets of the recently liberated city in addition to erecting pet feeding stations.

Unimaginable difficulties continue to be faced by the Ukrainian people. However, through campaigning and group efforts on behalf of courageous volunteers like Mook, locals are witnessing glimmers of hope in the shape of appreciative displaced dogs that are content to wait their turn and pleased that someone is watching out for them. You may donate here and keep up with Mook on Twitter to learn more about how you can assist animal protection activities in the Ukraine.