Police Investigate Chinese Consulate After Attack on a Protester

Police are searching for footage after an attack on a protester at the Chinese consulate in Manchester.

The Protester Bob Chan met with Iain Duncan Smith, who called for the government to expel the diplomats involved in the attack.

Mr Chan, who fled Hong Kong to the UK last March, said he has been having nightmares about his family being targeted in Hong Kong. The Foreign Secretary said the incident was absolutely unacceptable.

Senior Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith said the government’s response was “outrageous” and called for ministers to expel the diplomats identified in multiple videos dragging and hitting Mr Chan, also pulling his hair.

‘They started to kick and punch me’ Mr Chan said of his attackers at the consulate.

Mr Chan was attacked by police officers while protesting over the erosion of democracy in Hong Kong. He was left with bruising, cuts to his face and a bald patch where his hair was pulled out.

A man “started acting aggressively” towards Mr Chan, and other “masked men” soon appeared, before trying to drag him into the grounds of the consulate. Mr Chan said he was shocked and hurt by this unprovoked attack, but would still protest against China.

The Chinese Communist Party official claimed the protesters used offensive banners and the police failed to do enough to prevent the protest.

What is the situation in Hong Kong?

China’s foreign ministry said it had lodged representations with the UK over malicious harassment by lawless elements in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has been asserting greater control over Hong Kong since 2019.