CWU Chief Asks Public To Support Local Postal Staff

“If you care about your postie, you’ll support the Royal Mail strike” says Dave Ward of the Communications Workers Union .

Postal workers across the country have been on strike for four months over pay. They are protesting against the ‘Uberisation’ of Royal Mail, which they see as a downside to running the company, which turned a £758m profit last year.

The company’s “best and final offer” to workers includes thousands of compulsory redundancies, a serious real-terms pay cut, and the removal of Sunday premium payment. Royal Mail staff are protesting against the CWU’s plans to transform itself into a company union.

Dave Ward said that the Postal Workers demands are reasonable: an improved pay deal, a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies, and the right of local union reps to help negotiate.

He said “..the workers who keep Royal Mail going are demanding an alternative business strategy, because the management do not appreciate the company’s potential. They will not surrender, and they deserve dignified work that offers respect for them and their families.”

Mr Ward also said that Royal Mail workers are “..fighting for the very future of the company and the communities they serve. If a national institution can be wrecked like this, no job is safe.”

Members of the CWU union are due to strike on 9, 11, 14, 15, 23 and 24 December. Last week customers were advised to post Christmas mail earlier than usual due to the strikes.