Hospital Patient Arrested After Disconnecting Another Patients Ventilator Because of its “Noise”

According to German officials, a 72-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly twice turned off a hospital roommate’s ventilator because she didn’t like the noise it made.

Following the incident on Tuesday night at a hospital in Mannheim, the woman was placed in custody on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. According to a statement from police and prosecutors, the suspect is accused of turning off a 79-year-old woman’s ventilator and then turning it back off later that evening despite being informed by professionals that the patient needed it.

Although her life is not endangered, the elderly patient had to be revived, according to the authorities, and she still needs careful care. The 79-year-old neighbour who was confined to a bed needed oxygen, according to what the police and the prosecution revealed on Thursday. On Wednesday, the suspect was hauled to court and booked into jail.

Patients who need ventilators are given oxygen in their lungs, allowing them to breathe on their own. The Covid-19 outbreak, which has claimed more than six million lives, made the devices crucial for preserving the lives of the sickest patients.

When the elderly woman’s ventilator was turned off, it’s unclear what condition she was experiencing. According to Healthcare International, there are 25,000 ventilator-dependent German patients nationwide. When the pandemic peaked in 2021, tens of thousands of additional devices were ordered.