‘Mean’ School Meals Parcels Scandal!

The government promised to feed children on free school meals during the coronavirus crisis. However by replacing free school meals vouchers with ‘woefully inadequate’ food parcels, children up and down the country are going hungry.

By hiring private companies to put together these parcels, instead of giving parents vouchers directly – the Government has left parents worried about how they’ll feed their children. Many parents are angry that the free school meal voucher scheme was replaced with was parcels that are woefully and nutritionally inadequate or simply basic  subsistence food and not fit for purpose.

Many have expressed concern over this change of policy including celebrities, businesses, politicians and the British public have come together to send a clear message –  that families and children deserve better.

Already there are petitions against the government’s replacing of food vouchers with food parcels (the vouchers it should be pointed only allows for the purchase of food only and can’t be redeemed for cash or other items non-food items).

There is a petition below where you can add your voice to pressuring the Government to send a clear message to the government: free school meal vouchers cannot be replaced with food parcels.

Above is one example where the £30 weekly food allowance is clearly not being adhered to by the private company handling the parcel delivery and food stock allowance.

The parcels are meant to include £30 worth of food, to cover lunches over 10 days.

Parents are posting pictures all over social media showing that the equivalent of £5 worth of food that’s actually what’s turning up.  Pictures like the one above, show just how inadequate these parcels really are.

Many parent’s are worried about how they will manage to feed their children. These food parcels are making parents’ lives much harder, not easier. Often parents are having to not only collect the parcels but also are having to worry that these packages may not have enough food in them for their children to have enough to eat.

Marcus Rashford MBE, professional footballer and champion of free-school meals for children has recently commented on his Twitter accountand it’s believed the the Prime Minister has spoken with Mr. Rashford about the free school meal parcels, describing them as “disgraceful”, telling him he is “committed to correcting the issue”.

To add your name to the petition calling on the Government to replace the private parcel with the previously used voucher system please click on the link below to add your name.


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