Lulz Security Mastermind Arrested

A 19 year old man from Essex, named as Ryan Cleary has been arrested over hacking into websites. Police have not confirmed the identity of the man however.

It is thought that the man may have been involved with the hacking group LulzSec (Laugh Security) which recently broke into US Government sites; involved in breaking into Sony’s database, PBS Broadcasting, Infragard the FBI affiliated website, (the US Senate website) and Nintendo’s site.

Lulz Sec have succeeded in putting the websites down by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) where the sites servers are overwhelmed with requests for pages.  The group is also believed to have taken information from various servers and may have broken into the UK Census from the Office of National Statistics.

Yesterday the Serious Organised Crime Agency’s website was compromised and the agency took the website down due to DDoS attack, although a spokeperson confirmed it was their public website and the attack did not compromise any data held by the agency.

Scotland Yard have not confirmed whether the person they have arrested was linked to the Lulz Attack on SOCA but have said the arrest was a”pre-planned intelligence led operation” and that it followed after an investigation into network intrusions and distributed DoS attacks on major business and Government agencies.

LulzSec have recently threatened to attack further Government and Banking systems in what they called AntiSec,  LulzSec on Monday tweeted: “Tango down – in the name of #AntiSec”.

The man has been arrested under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act and is being questioned at a central London police station.

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