Ministers confirm UK Nuclear Power Plants

The government confirmed a list of eight sites deemed suitable for the next generation of UK nuclear plants to be ready by 2025 – the plants will all be adjacent to existing nuclear sites.

The sites are: Bradwell, Essex; Hartlepool; Heysham, Lancashire; Hinkley Point, Somerset; Oldbury, South Gloucestershire; Sellafield, Cumbria; Sizewell, Suffolk; and Wylfa, Anglesey.

The announcement comes following a public consultation and the plans will also be debated in Parliament but the Government is confident that the pro- nuclear majority in the Commons will lead to the proposed plans being accepted. The energy minister said that with a declining generating capacity and that there was a need to replace this with ” secure, low carbon, affordable energy. ”

He said that £100 mllion of investment would be required for electricity generation.  The issue of Nuclear power is one that divides both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives as both have different policies regarding Nuclear Power. The Liberal Democrats have in the past been opposed to extending Nuclear power plants however Chris Hulne the Lib-Dem Energy secretary has since given his parties backing to the new reactors as older reactors are decommissioned.



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