Barclays and Libor Fixing

Calls today came for the resignation of Bob Diamond the boss of Barclays Bank after the bank has been found to have adjusted the  inter-bank lending rate – known as the The Libor rate (the average interest rate that leading banks in London charge when lending to other banks) to it’s own favour. David Cameron says Barclays has “serious questions to answer” over Libor fixing and George Osborne describes the scandal as a “shocking indictment” of the banks amid calls for the bank’s chief executive Bob Diamond to resign. George Osborne on Thursday threatened tougher sanctions for banks after Barclays … Continue reading Barclays and Libor Fixing

Darling, the man who saved the banks!

The Chancellor from the last Labour Government should be hailed as the man who saved the UK Banking system from financial collapse.  Alistair Darling (MP for Edinburgh South West). He should be known for the fact that he was he who was solely responsible for actually avoiding a complete UK financial and banking meltdown.Even the telegraph has described him as a person who would be best suited as forerunner for the position of leader of the Labour Party in the past It was he who took the decision to save the Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax (HBOS), and Northern Rock … Continue reading Darling, the man who saved the banks!

RBS Funding Cluster Bomb Manufacturing

In the last twelve months the Royal Bank of Scotland has invested $80million in companies that make cluster bombs. Email the Chief Executive of RBS now 98% of all cluster bomb victims are civilians, and a third of those are children. Last year the UK joined over 100 countries in outlawing their use and manufacture. Yet more than a year on from the ban, the publically owned RBS continues to fund companies that manufacture these abhorrent weapons. While RBS is not alone in this irresponsible investment, it is the worst offender. Help us end the suffering cluster bombs cause. For … Continue reading RBS Funding Cluster Bomb Manufacturing