London Gay Pride : “Will You Marry Me?”

Record number of people attended todays London Gay Pride and it is was estimated it would attract over a million people attending especially following the tragic mass shooting that left 49 people dead and 53 people severely injured in PULSE the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The march also has also allowed both Gay and straight Muslims a chance to march and show their solidarity following the shooting by an Omar Mir Seddique Mateen. Obviously there was heightened security on all marched across the world where Pride is being held this year and  dozens of cities are donning the colours … Continue reading London Gay Pride : “Will You Marry Me?”

75 years of the 999 Emergency Number

Seventy five years ago this weekend the first ever emergency number system anywhere in the world came into being in London with the introduction of the 999 call – marking a sea-change in the way the public communicated with the Metropolitan Police. The MPS will be marking the anniversary by launching its first ever live twitter feed from one of its three central communications complexes (CCC) where ‘first contact’ operators answer tens of thousands of emergency calls every week. For twelve hours on Friday 29 June, the public will be able to get an understanding into the huge variety of … Continue reading 75 years of the 999 Emergency Number

Riot Uniform Hindered says PC

A police officer on duty during riots in Manchester and Salford on Tuesday has said outdated heavy protective gear made it “difficult” to make arrests. Insp Bob Cantrell, of Greater Manchester Police, said that when faced with violent youths wearing trainers, it was “very difficult to catch them”. His comments came after criticisms that police had not done enough. Speaking about future police cuts, he said he hoped the government would be “there for us”. Source: Continue reading Riot Uniform Hindered says PC