Grenfell Requires Answers!

A second tragedy has befallen London in the last few days. We all woke on Wednesday to see the most distressing scenes of a towering inferno in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Lancaster West area of London. Although the extent of such a tragedy was difficult to comprehend it was by many residents a disaster almost waiting to happen, and even followed a report by Housing regulation inspectors into the blocks refurbishment following  concerns of the safety of the building that saw gas pipes in communal areas bare, a complete lack of fire sprinklers and the use a lower grade of … Continue reading Grenfell Requires Answers!

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral & Boston Bombing

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher in light of the boston bombing will take place and already tight security is almost inevitably going to be the order of the day. Not that this was not going to be expected with the death of a woman who while by some was personally despised and hated for her political policies while in power over her three terms in office as Prime Minister. The worry for those involved in the security for her funeral tomorrow following yesterday’s bombs in the Boston Marathon. Scotland Yard says more than 4,000 officers will be deployed for the … Continue reading Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral & Boston Bombing

Assange Requests Ecuadorian Asylum

Julian Assange has formally requested asylum in Ecuador in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces an investigation for rape and sexual molestation. Assange, the bombastic founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Tuesday. He had been under house arrest in England while awaiting the outcome of an appeal of his extradition to Sweden, where prosecutors wish to question Assange. Assange had appealed his extradition to the European Court of Justice after losing on appeal in the Supreme Court of England, but the European Court had not yet decided whether to take up … Continue reading Assange Requests Ecuadorian Asylum

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Royal Flotilla

Among the highlights of the Queen‘s diamond jubilee celebrations this weekend was the grand river pageant on the river Thames. Over 1,000 gaily decorated private boats were present on the Thames, creating a seven-mile flotilla. The pre-event buzz and thousands of visitors flocked to the banks – including the Thames Embankment to view the spectacular event. The cost of the River Pageant said to run to approximately £12 million, plus £2 million in VAT. And although television historian David Starkey described the flotilla as “lunacy”, and warns that the queen may not favour exuberant celebrations, but it’s unlikely such criticism … Continue reading Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Royal Flotilla

Olympic Torch Arrives in Britain

This is a picture of Ben Ainslie the triple Olympic gold medalist who received the Olympic flame carried in a lantern to Lands End by the Royal Navy. He was the first of the 1000 torch bearers to carry the torch in its 8,000 mile relay across Britain and should arrive in London to open the 2012 London Olympics in 70 days time. The BBC and ITV News teams both filmed the event and the BBC also filmed what looked like a security incident where torch bearer security prevented a member of the public who tried running next to the … Continue reading Olympic Torch Arrives in Britain

Ken moved by Londoner’s plea

Ken Livingstone showed a very caring and emotional side of himself as he was overcome by watching a video by Londoner‘s backing his campaign. In the video members of the public implored him to do the best for London, should he become London Mayor a second time. One member of the public said in the promotional video ‘Go on Ken – do it for London!’ Mr. Livingstone who was visibly moved by the video, speaking to the Telegraph newspaper said that if he lost the electoral campaign that he would not stand again and that he would go back to … Continue reading Ken moved by Londoner’s plea