Victoria ATKINS – New health secretary

Victoria Atkins is a British politician who was a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Conservative Party. She has been associated with the Louth and Horncastle constituency since the 2015 general election. Victoria Atkins has also been involved in various roles within the government, particularly in the area of Home Affairs.

Today is Victoria Atkins’ first day as health secretary, the FIFTH person to hold the job in the last FIVE years. [1] Government chaos and disruption are doing lasting damage to our NHS, but a new health secretary presents new opportunities to push the NHS up the agenda.

Right now, Atkins will be settling into her new office, getting ready to pick up the pieces. So in her first week on the job, we need to let her know what to prioritize: clearing the HUGE waiting list, stopping privatisation and big tech taking over the NHS, and ending health inequalities. [2]

We want Victoria Atkins to be without no doubt that the public is watching her every move with an open letter signed by tens of thousands of us. We’ll let her know directly every time another 1,000 of us sign, filling up her inbox on her first day in the job. Together, we can make sure they prioritize the things that matter to us – and secure the future of our NHS.

Will you add your name to the open letter calling on Victoria Atkins to take the action we need on the NHS? You can add your name with one-click using the button below.