Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets With Iraqi Cleric Anmar Al-Hakim

Both Parties meet to talk about solutions to political differences

In order to discuss the ongoing political crisis in Iraq, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud met with Iraqi Shia cleric Ammar Al-Hakim on Friday, according to Anadolu News Agency.

According to the official Saudi Press Agency, the meeting took place when the political coalition’s head from Iraq, the Hikma Movement, arrived in the Kingdom on an unexpected visit. According to the Agency, a variety of topics of shared interest and Saudi-Iraqi relations were discussed during the meeting.

The Saudi Crown Prince and I emphasised the profound historical ties between the two brotherly peoples, Hakim tweeted. “We discussed the importance of dialogue among the various parties to reach solutions to the current political impasse in Iraq.” Shia Cleric Ammar Al-Hakim confirmed. They spoke of the significance of communication between the various groups in order to find answers to the current political impasse in Iraq, the speaker continued.

Al-Hakim emphasised the significance of peace on both sides of the Gulf and lauded Iraq’s role in serving as a mediator to mend ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He also emphasised how important the Palestinian struggle is.

After taking part in a national dialogue on Wednesday aimed at addressing the nation’s political turmoil, Hakim paid a visit on Thursday. Nine months have passed since Iraq’s general elections in October, during which time rival parties have been unable to reach an agreement on a new administration.