Ukrainian Update – UN Atomic Advisers arrive at Zaporizhzhia Power Plant

UN inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency have arrived at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant after being delayed by conflicting reports of shelling around Europe’s biggest atomic facility. The 14-strong team of inspectors is being led personally by the director general.

Russian’s ministry of defence claimed Ukrainian forces had tried to sabotage the ZNPP and that Russian troops were protecting the station. It also warned that any actions seen as endangering the security of Russian troops would be considered an attack on Russia.

The Zaporizhzhia Power Plant has had to be turned off due to the shelling by Russian Forces in the area

Previously the nuclear power plant in which is in the Ukraine and operated by Russia, had been totally cut off from the national electricity system for the first time ever.
The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear station in Europe, and was switched off on Thursday as a result of neighbouring fires interfering with electricity cables, according to the state nuclear corporation Energoatom.

According to the report, the fires started in the ash dumps of a coal power plant close to the reactor complex. The two functional power units at the station were consequently unplugged from the network, according to a statement from Energoatom.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive to reclaim Kherson has not stalled or failed, a senior adviser to Zelenskiy has said. The armed forces have struck strategic bridges in the southern Kherson region to isolate Russian troops.

The Russian military is recruiting contract service members and may even draw in convicted criminals to make up for personnel shortages, a US official said.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy told the audience at the Venice film festival “not to remain silent” and “not to remain neutral” to the war.

Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Europe on Wednesday, citing the need to carry out repairs. The German government rejected the claim.

The EU has agreed to suspend a visa deal with Moscow to curb the number of Russian nationals entering the bloc for holidays and shopping, but has stopped short of a full tourist visa ban.

G7 finance ministers will discuss the Biden administration’s proposed price cap on Russian oil when they meet on Friday, the White House said.

Zelensky demands Russia return Zaporizhzhia Power Plant to Kyiv Authority amid
Grave Concern over the safety of the plant (video source @France24 News)