Raided Drug suspect says “Wagwan Boris!”

A police raided homeowner received a shock when Boris Johnson followed closely behind the officers who broke down his front door. In a TikTok video, Mr. Johnson can be seen standing behind a squad of uniformed police officers while appearing to be inside someone’s home.

The Prime Minister participated in the raid on a home in south London as part of a campaign to dismantle alleged county lines networks along with Acting Commissioner Sir Steve House and police from the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime Command.
The resident grabbed his phone and started recording the incident as soon as he noticed Mr. Johnson nearby, sharing it on social media.

The man can be heard saying to the camera, “How the f—- did I get raided and Boris Johnson is there?” He continues, laughing, “Let me add Boris Johnson to my phone.”

How are you doing, the Prime Minister asks, stepping in the doorway and donning a police stab vest. A man holding the phone says, “Wagwan Boris.”

“Good morning, how are you doing?” Mr. Johnson responds after pausing for a moment.
The video then pans to a broken-in door and a man claiming to have been awakened by a 6 a.m. raid.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister and specialised policemen had gone to a police raid in the south London neighbourhood of Lewisham. Throughout the raid, nobody was detained.

 After the raid, Mr. Johnson appeared to defend the police against accusations that they were being diverted by what he called “woke causes” while speaking to broadcaster, playing on the “woke” word adding that he witnessed officers wake up  quite a few drug traffickers in the morning before breakfast.

He said they “woke” to arrest warrants and informed of their arrest for creating suffering in London’s neighbourhoods. Mr. Johnson defended his own track record in fighting crime as well.  Defending his party’s record on crime adding that neighbourhood crime is down by about 38 per cent on 2019 since this Government came in. Although it was his own party that received police fixed penalty notices for breaking the law on gatherings during the COVID lockdowns which ultimately was part of the reason for his resignation. Mr Johnson will leave his office as Prime Minister on Tuesday next week