Parliamentary Standard’s Commission to Query Keir Starmer

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has opened an investigation into Keir Starmer for possibly breaking the rules on income and gifts received outside of MP’s employment and earnings. Sir Keir is being investigated under paragraph 14 of the parliamentary code of conduct, which includes interest registration and being “open and frank” in statements.

The commissioner’s webpage, which announced the investigations, listed two matters under investigation in connection with Sir Keir’s behaviour on Monday. The first is “interests registration under Category 1 of the Guide to the Rules,” which covers MPs’ outside jobs and incomes.

The second is “interests registration under Category 3 of the Guide to the Rules,” which refers to gifts, perks, and hospitality received by MPs from UK sources.

Mr. Starmer is now one of three MPs who are being investigated by the standards commissioner. Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP, is one of the two other MPs under investigation for alleged paid advocacy – or lobbying – as well as issues with his statement of interests. Another Conservative Member of Parliament. The watchdog is also looking into Chris Philp’s usage of his parliamentary email account.

At this point, it’s unclear what Sir Keir’s standards investigation is really about. Prior to becoming the party’s leader, he had large outside earnings from legal procedure.

“That’s an investigation that we’ll be responding to in due course,” Sir Keir stated during a TV interview when asked about the news. “I’ll have to talk to my staff about that,” he said when asked what the investigation was about. “But we’ll be responding in due course.”

When asked if the news had caught him off guard, Mr Starmer replied “No.” When asked when he found out about the inquiry, he said, “All MPs are made aware of any concerns, and my office is dealing with it, and we’ll be responding in due course.”
He went on to say that he was “I am absolutely certain. There’s not any problem here.”

Sir Keir appears to have logged some of his outside earnings and hospitality beyond the 28-day deadline that all MPs must adhere to, according to Parliament’s register of interests. These six late additions total £3,303.01 and include earnings from his books as well as tickets to football games.