Russian Hackers Targeted Eurovision Song Contest as Ukraine Wins

According to organisers, pro-Russian cybercriminals attempted to strike a number of targets during the recent Eurovision Song Contest 2022, including the show itself.

Several assaults on national network infrastructure were thwarted by Italy’s cybersecurity agency during Saturday’s Eurovision grand final and two earlier semi-finals, according to police.

The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Turin after Italy’s Maneskin won in 2021. Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won in what was widely perceived as an expression of anti-war feeling across the continent.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won in what was widely perceived as an expression of anti-war feeling

The attacks were carried out by the notorious “Killnet” hacker organisation and its branch “Legion,” according to authorities, who did not go into depth about the procedure.
Various computer attacks of a DDoS kind directed at network infrastructures during voting operations and singing performances were mitigated in partnership with ICT Rai and Eurovision TV,” an Italian statement claimed.

The police had also been monitoring Telegram discussions purportedly from the organisation in which attacks on Eurovision were contemplated, according to the statement.
Killnet made news earlier this year after claiming responsibility for an attack that knocked Anonymous’ servers offline. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous had promised to disclose details on troop deployments and other military secrets.

The UK came second in this years contest with Sam Ryder singing “Space Man”, this is the UK’s best result in two decades – and it’s been revealed that he wants to collaborate with the Ukrainian winners, Kalush Orchestra to perform a ‘Beastie Boys’ style song with them

The Ukrainian entry won the contest following a huge show of support for their song “Stefania”.

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