Spying on the Scammers

Tonight’s Panorama looked at the fast-growing ‘scam’ call centres that offer employment to previously legitimate call centre employees turning to the allure of high earning computer-scamming criminal operation setting up across cities India – in particular New Delhi.

A professional Scam baiter Jim Browning (his alias on Youtube) had managed to penetrate the scammer’s computer network by deliberately setting up an open computer connection to the scammers’ network to then gain access to internal CCTV and recordings of 70,000 scam phone from the call centre located in and around Delhi.

BBC’s Panorama identified Amit Chauhan as the man behind a criminal call centre in Delhi, India that was conning people in the UK, US and Australia out of around $400,000 (£310,000) a month.

The scammers placed a pop-up message on a victim’s computer that said it had been infected with pornographic spyware and that they should call Microsoft for urgent technical support.

Panorama’s evidence shows cash from some scam victims went directly into Amit Chauhan’s PayPal account.

If you are in the UK, you can watch Panorama: Spying on the Scammers on Monday 2 March at 20:30 on BBC One or catchup afterwards on iPlayer.

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