Coronavirus (COVID-19) Italian Outbreak Spreading

The UK is warning against all but essential travel to parts of northern Italy at the centre of a growing coronavirus outbreak. Four schools in England have closed for deep cleaning following the return  from ski trips in Italy.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock denied any plans to stop flights from Italy to the UK though.

Italy, which has seen 300 cases of Coronavirus and 11 deaths arising from the virus has quarantined towns in Lombardy and Veneto. Other European countries now affected with the outbreak of Coronavirus which are linked to the Italian outbreak include Austria, Croatia and Switzerland which have confirmed their first cases,  though neighbouring countries have decided against closing  or blocking their borders presently.

The numbers of new reported cases of the virus infection seems to have declined in China, but the director general of the World Health Organization has said the sudden escalation elsewhere is “deeply concerning”.

In Iran, the infection of the country’s deputy health minister has meant that officials there fear the true scale may be much greater than the 100 cases declared.

In light of the Italian outbreak, Ireland’s health minister has cancelled the Six Nations game against Italy that was due to be held in Dublin on 7 March because it posed a risk to public health

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