C4 Dispatches – Investigation at it’s best

Dispatches is an award winning, often using under-cover filming, documentary series produced by Channel 4 to that as a current affairs program highlights problems in the UK today.

The  series started broadcasting in 1987, and remains to this day one of the most powerful current affairs programmes on television (other’s include BBC Panorama) and the Channel 4 website has over 60 reports available to view online at All 4 – Dispatches.

It has won the Royal Television Society awards five times.  Out of all the memorable reports the investigative series has highlighted some are very notable ; including reports from Afghanistan in “Beneath the Veil” a report by Saira Shah;  another is “Inside Britain’s Mosques”, “Undercover Police Officer”, “Undercover Teacher”, and many others that have gone undercover to whistle blow on large retail or corporate practices, and has even gone undercover and provided investigative journalism that exposed a ‘cash for lobbying’ by Members of Parliament in the UK.

Below are two episodes from the award winning series one featuring a report on private housing in the UK called “Landlords From Hell” and more recently an investigation into the alleged private deal between the US and UK over the NHS services called “Trump’s Vision for the NHS”

Click to view “Trumps Vision for the NHS”
  Click to View “Landlords from Hell”                   

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