Bradley Manning labelled ‘reckless’ by Military Judge

Private-Bradley-ManningThe military judge who’ll be determining the sentence of Private Bradley Manning on Monday said  will determine how long  said his acts  were “wanton and reckless.” Bradley Manning will be sentenced over what has been called the biggest breach of classified data in the US history on Monday

Judge Colonel Denise Lind last month found Manning, 25, guilty of 20 criminal counts which include  include charges of  espionage and theft of military property when he handed over 700,000 secret US documents to WikiLeaks.  He was caught when he confided to Adrian Lamo a computer hacker whom he’d built a online relationship with about about his activities. He pleaded guilty in February 2013 to 10 of the 22 charges, and the trial on the remaining charges began on 3 June 2013.

Manning is expected to face up to 90 years in prison for his role in a case that put the whistle-blowing and anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks and in particular its founder,  Julian Assange, into the world spotlight.

“Manning’s conduct was of a heedless nature that made it actually and imminently dangerous to others. His conduct was both wanton and reckless,” Lind said in a series of written findings issued after prosecutors finished their sentencing arguments yesterday.

Civil Right’s groups in the US and worldwide will watch with great interest the sentencing of Bradley Manning with many groups actually having called for him to be merited for his work in exposing US Government secrecy.

Manning was working as a low-level intelligence analyst at a military base in Baghdad in 2010 when he handed  diplomatic cables and other documents to WikiLeaks. At the time he’d only hoped his actions would create broad debate about US foreign activity.

Military prosecutors have argued that his actions have aided al-Qaida and harmed the United States,  though proof of this would be hard to get as this would inevitably be classified information.

Manning’s lawyers this week presented their case for giving the defendant a mild sentence. Witnesses including military mental health specialists and members of Manning’s family testified that the soldier, who is gay, showed signs that he was unsuitable for overseas deployment, including violent outbursts.

Manning, slightly built and dressed in his uniform and glasses, his hair cropped close, on Wednesday addressed the court for the first time since February, saying that he was “sorry” and understood that he “must pay a price” for his actions.

Before the prosecutors rested their case Friday, they presented a written statement from army criminal investigation command special agent David Shaver, who said chat logs and e-mail he found on Manning’s computer in Iraq indicated he was responsible for leaking the classified documents.

There is a website that has been set up to support Bradley Manning it’s website address


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