Italian President to hold talks

Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano is presently holding  discussions with senior politicians to find a successor and interim government after PM Silvio Berlusconi resigned yesterday.

Italy’s government is hoped to be in place before the world’s financial markets re-open on Monday. Mr Berlusconi left office among boos from members of the public and is still expected to face further scrutiny over his broken  election promises to sell off his company assets avoiding  conflicts of interest m corruption and infamous sex parties that brought shame on his far-right government and condemnation from his party’s  opposition and the  Catholic Church.

Berlusconi Leaves as Prime Minister
Berlusconi Leaves as Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi was Italy’s longest-serving post-war prime minister – and is still one Italy’s richest men. The man known as ‘the knight’, due to receiving the prestigious Italian Order of Merit  for Labour decoration in 1997;  the businessman and AC Milan chairman served three terms as Prime Minister of Italy, from 1994 to 1995, 2001 to 2006, and 2008 to 2011.

In total Mr Berlusconi spent 10 years in office and has vowed to return following the austerity packages. Mr Berlusconi is an opponent of the austerity measures required to bring Italy back from financial collapse

Mr Berlusconi had a ‘different’ approach to political diplomacy,  as the now famous ‘snub’ footage of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and other delegates who awaited is arrival at the 2009 Nato Summit demonstate – he chose to keep her waiting while taking a mobile phone call.

Mr Napolitano is holding 17 meetings throughout Sunday with the last set for 5pm today and Italy’s new Prime Minister is expected to be the Ex-EU commissioner  Mario Monti , who will face a tough time implementing the new austerity measures to bring Italy into financial stability.  Last week it’s borrowing levels rose record levels as the country has been struggling among other hard hit Eurozone countries such as Spain and Greece.

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  1. Are ypou sure that you read in newspapers is not a fewer part of what Italians know by television from comments of technicians and politicians. As we cannot forget that this government has no experience about government, democracy and social governance ….

    In fact, it is amazing how Italian press does not get up a complaint or a negative thought about the financial plan that Monti & co. want to impose to Italians, today, and the French, tomorrow who knows, standing the “feeling” showed for “Mario”.
    All happens while on television, typically consociational, we listen, conversely, negative comments – sometimes caustic – by experts and politicians.

    A problem of effective democracy, which is combined with the use of a Government Bill, which cut off parliament, and the many and serious conflicts of interest faced by this government. Serious and very serious, such as the President of newspaper publishers who is also Deputy Minister to publishing.

    Do not be stupified if you read in newspapers a fewer part of what Italians know by television from comments of technicians and politicians. As we cannot forget that this government has no experience about government, democracy and governance.

    1. Thank you for your post Demata, I’m interested in what you’re thoughts are towards the austerity measures that Mario Monti will be imposing. Please feel free to let me know what you think about these proposed measures. Do you think that the french economy could also be hit hard (as you’ve intimated in your post)? You’ve said that Monti is not from a political background as such and therefore the Government may be ill-equipt to govern – I believe he is a economist. Would a choice of such a candidate not benefit the country at this time rather than a political party situation?
      Best wishes,

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