BT and Talk Talk to appeal over Digital Economy Act court ruling

Following telecoms firms BT and Talk Talk requesting a High Court in 2010 for a review over what the companies regarded as the Digital Economy Act breaking European law which the UK had a duty to uphold both companies are now appealling against the High Court rejection of a judicial review.

The clauses that BT and Talk Talk wanted the court to consider obliged internet service providers to co-operate with record labels and film studios who wanted information that identifies those dealing in pirated music and films. The courts looked at who would pay for the cost of the Acts requirement for this.

BT and Talk Talk felt that the Digital Economy Act received “insufficient scrutiny” when originally passed prior to the 2010 general election claiming that the Act violated European laws on commerce and privacy.

Both companies now plan to take their case to the Court of Appeal on the premice that the Act contradicts European directive dealing with e-commerce, privacy technical standards & authorisation

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