“Victory in Afghanistan is impossible” Former President Gobachev warns the US

Mikhael Gorbachev recently interviewed by Steve Rossenberg the Moscow correpsodent for the BBC has warned the US that “victory in afghanistan” may be impossible.

He recalled how he pulled Russian army troops out of Afghanistan over 20 years ago after a 10 year war between Russia and Afghanistan

“Victory is impossible in Afghanistan. Obama is right to pull the troops out. No matter how difficult it will be.”

He spoke of the agreement that had been reached with Iran India Pakistan and the US
“We had hoped America would abide by the agreement that we reached that Afghanistan should be a neutral, democratic country, that would have good relations with its neighbours and with both the US and the USSR.

“The Americans always said they supported this, but at the same time they were training militants – the same ones who today are terrorising Afghanistan and more and more of Pakistan,” Mr Gorbachev said.

He also spoke of the current Russian political situation the split in political ideology between Vladimer Putin the Russian Prime Minister and President Medvedev.

“I am very concerned, we’re only half way down the road from a totalitarian regime to democracy and freedom. And the battle continues. There are still many people in our society who fear democracy and would prefer a totalitarian regime.” he said.

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