Stuart Milk – Civil Rights Campaigner

Stuart Milk (born December 26, 1960) is a global LGBT human rights activist and political speaker. The nephew of civil rights leader Harvey Milk, he is the co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. He has engaged in domestic and international … Continue reading Stuart Milk – Civil Rights Campaigner

Liberty Protect Refugee Children campaign

Protect Refugee Children Time for action – the UK Government must deliver on its refugee children commitment now Ask your local Councillor to pressure Government into action today. In May 2016 the Government made a commitment to work with local councils to bring unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to safety in the UK, under an agreement called the “Dubs scheme”. Three months on and they have completely failed to deliver on this promise. Liberty and Help Refugees are campaigning to hold the Government to account and make this pledge a reality, and we need your support. Take Action : Ask … Continue reading Liberty Protect Refugee Children campaign

Peer Calls NPCC Proposals for More Armed Security ‘Provocative and ‘Dangerous”

Plans to deploy over 5,000 armed soldiers following a UK terror attack has caused a prominent peer to question the move as a ‘provocative’ act which could endanger the public. Baroness Jenny Jones, who sits on London’s Police and Crime Committee, called the revelations “absolutely shocking”. “Putting troops on the streets would be very controversial”,adding“I think it would be provocative and cause more problems than it would solve.”  The Peer conceded that although plans certainly had to be made for the event of a terror attack, she was curious about whether troops were being trained to deal with members of … Continue reading Peer Calls NPCC Proposals for More Armed Security ‘Provocative and ‘Dangerous”

Ireland to Accept Same Sex Marriage

During a historic vote taking place it seems that the Republic of Ireland will now legalise Same Sex Marriage, with leaders from both sides of the campaign stating that early polls indicate a swing to the Yes campaign to enshrine same sex marriages into it’s constitution, in the world’s first national vote on the issue, Politicians, activists and the Irish voters are now questioning not if it the vote will be for acceptance but by how large the vote actually was for a Yes to Equality vote.. Senior figures from the “no” campaign, who sought to prevent Ireland’s constitution from … Continue reading Ireland to Accept Same Sex Marriage