Jimmy Somerville – Small Town Boy

James William Somerville is a Scottish pop singer and songwriter. He is known for his powerful and soulful countertenor/falsetto singing voice. Bronski Beat was a British synthpop trio that formed in 1983. The group consisted of lead singer Jimmy Somerville, Steve Bronski, and Larry Steinbachek. Bronski Beat was known for their dance-pop music and their politically charged lyrics, which often dealt with LGBTQ rights and issues. Some of their most well-known songs include “Smalltown Boy,” “Why?,” and “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” Bronski Beat was one of the leading acts of the so-called “second British invasion” of the US, and they helped to establish the UK as a major player in the synthpop genre.

Somerville co-founded the synthpop group Bronski Beat, whose biggest hit was “Smalltown Boy”, which reached No. 3 in the UK charts.