Kenya’s Jubilent Rutto Win, but caused injuries by overcrowded masses on streets

A large number of Kenyans crowded into a stadium on Tuesday to witness William Ruto’s inauguration as president. However, the situation got worse when it became “overcrowded,” leaving several people crushed and hurt.

Although the exact number of injured people is unknown, local station KTN reported seeing hundreds of them at a Red Cross tent. Deaths have not been reported. Ruto barely defeated longtime opposition leader Raila Odinga in the August 9 election in East Africa’s most stable democracy, and the Supreme Court this week dismissed challenges to the official outcome.
Ruto has served as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s deputy, but after a contentious breakup that left the two unable to talk for months at a time, Kenyatta publicly thanked Rutu on Monday for the first time.

Kenya’s new president William Ruto, seen behind fountain fireworks, holds up a ceremonial sword as he is sworn in to office at a ceremony held at Kasarani stadium in Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. William Ruto was sworn in as Kenya’s president on Tuesday after narrowly winning the Aug. 9 election and after the Supreme Court last week rejected a challenge to the official results by losing candidate Raila Odinga. (AP Photo/Brian Inganga)

Rutu’s efforts to fulfil wide campaign pledges made to Kenya’s poor will may incumber his efforts or even have to change change once he enters office in a country that is heavily in debt.