DSTL Purchases First Quantum Computer for the MoD

According to reports, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has obtained the government’s first quantum computer. The devices can perform extremely complex computations in a fraction of the time that normal computers can.

The MOD will collaborate with Orca Computing, a London-based company, to deploy the computers to defence applications. According to Stephen Till of the ministry’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, it was a “milestone moment” (DTSL).

Quantum computers are able to perform extremely complicated computations in a fraction of the time that ordinary computers can. Most computers process data in bits, which have binary values of zero or one, but quantum computers handle data in qubits, which are two-state units.

Quantum computers can use a quantum mechanical process called superposition to represent numbers like one and zero at the same time, allowing them to bridge binary digits and deal with uncertainty in ways that normal computers can’t.

World’s first complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip

According to quantum computing experts and physicists, this means that issues that have taken ordinary computers years to solve could now be addressed in minutes.
The entire potential of quantum computers, according to Professor Winfried Hensinger of the University of Sussex’s Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies, will take time to materialise. They can’t solve any practical problems yet. he said. He pointed out however, that their benefit in enabling us all to get a sense of what working on a quantum computer could entail if the machine can be scaled up to incredibly high system sizes.

Professor Hensinger went on to remark that the benefits of computers might be extremely beneficial to the Ministry of Defence, and that there is a lot of potential to be explored. He said that that there are a lot of challenges within defence where optimization would play a significant and very important role.

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