BBC Apologises over “Manchester United” Ticker Gaffe

The BBC has issued an apology after a message on the news channel stated that “Manchester United are rubbish.” During a tennis update shortly after 0930 on Tuesday, the text appeared on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen  accidentally.

Later in the morning, broadcaster Annita McVeigh expressed her regret to any Manchester United fans who might have been upset  by the commentt. She explained that the error occurred while someone was learning to use the ticker and was “writing strange things.”

“Weather rain everywhere,” stated another post that came on the ticker.

The News broadcaster continued to explain the surprising ticker comment and why it appeared saying:

“A little earlier, some of you may have noticed something pretty unusual on the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen with news making a comment about Manchester United, and I hope that Manchester United fans weren’t offended by it. “

McVeigh continued “Let me just explain what was happening: behind the scenes, someone was training to learn how to use the ticker and to put text on the ticker, so they were just writing random things not in earnest and that comment appeared. So apologies if you saw that and you were offended and you’re a fan of Manchester United.”

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