New Jubilee ‘Elizabeth Line’ Opens

The Elizabeth Tube Line has opened. This morning, hundreds of people gathered in central London in the hopes of being among the first passengers on the new Elizabeth Tube line.
The “momentous occasion” was lauded by railway devotees who had travelled from all across the country for the ceremony and had been queuing since the early hours of the morning.

Around 300 people lined outside Paddington Station before the service began at 6.30 a.m., and as the doors opened at around 6.20 a.m., the crowd cheered and pushed forward.

The first train, which carried hundreds of enthusiastic passengers, left on time at 6.33 a.m.
One passenger who drove down from Glasgow for the event was wearing a hoodie with the words “Purple Train” written across the front, a tribute to the line’s colour scheme. He’d managed to get a ride on the first train said of the historic jubilee event “I want to get on the first train. I’ve always liked trains and have been keeping up to date with the project.”

Route of the New “Elizabeth Line” in London and the New Stations for the new Crossrail Service through London

Another passenger, Danny 21 who’d travelled from Edinburgh to Paddington Station said “We’ve known it will open for a while…It’s a brand new railway, new technology and new trains” he commented to the Press Association.

Also present at the event was Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London who also travelled on the first train of the new Elizabeth Line and said of his experience “I’m excited. I’m like the little boy before Christmas.”
He said the new underground line would be a ‘game changer’ and transform the cities transport infrastructure adding that the new trains are “fit for a queen”.

The Queen had previously visited the station to see the completion of the new Crossrail service
“This is a historic occasion,” remarked another traveller, Hakim 24, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Passengers also commented on the day as being a historic one as it means that now that trains can run directly through London without stopping at the Underground station. One passenger commented on the new line saying that it was a “outstanding feat.”

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