Storm Eunice Continues Its Disruption to South West of England

Millions of people have been told to stay at home as Storm Eunice brings disruption and record gusts to the UK. Today high winds have brought power cuts, flights cancellations, with hundreds of schools closures, and the Met. issuing a blanket travel warnings across the country.

On the Isle of Wight, a gust of 122mph, measured at an exposed point on the west of the island, set a provisional record for England.

The London Ambulance Service said two people had been taken to hospital after being hit by debris in separate incidents in Streatham and Waterloo. A number of train lines have been blocked by fallen trees and other debris, and rail companies are urging customers not to travel. In many parts of the UK, the storm has caused fallen trees blocking multiple train lines and roads in the South West.

The uprooting of trees in the wake of the destruction caused by Storm Eunice. The Met. Office are confirming to be one of the most disruptive storms for decades. Three people have been injured with one having died from falling debris

Hundreds of school closures in much of Wales and affected areas of England, including in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Bristol
The UK’s last red warning was for Storm Arwen in November last year, but before that one had not been issued since the so-called “Beast from the East” in 2018.

Path of of Storm Eunice major affected regions as it climbs furtherly north to the Midlands

In London, the London O2 Arena was ripped open by Storm Eunice as 1,000 people evacuated Sections of London’s O2 Arena were completely shredded and sent flying by severe winds from Storm Eunice this morning. London Fire Brigade said firefighters had been called to a “partial roof collapse” at the venue.

Large sections of the London’s Docklands O2 Arena were ripped away by the Storm as it hit London Earlier in the morning. Already 200,000 are without power in the UK due to power cuts arising from the storms destruction.

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