93% Cut to Foreign Aid Spells disaster for Syrian Children

New Secret Aid Cuts Threaten World’s Poorest – Send an Urgent Email to Your MP
Photo credit: UNICEF/Syria/2020/Delil Souleiman

A “grotesque betrayal” of British values – this is how Bob Geldof, who led 1985’s Live Aid, described shocking new UK aid cuts.   Last Friday night, leaked reports revealed the shocking extent of UK aid cuts to the world’s poorest countries.   In secret plans hidden from MPs and the public, the government is pushing through a wave of cuts of up to 93% for humanitarian aid to the world’s poorest and most fragile regions

.   Email your MP now to urgently speak up for humanitarian aid.

UK aid to Syria — where over 11 million people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance — will be cut by 67%. South Sudan and Yemen — both on the brink of severe famines — will have aid cut by over half, while the Sahel, one of the world’s most fragile regions, will see humanitarian support slashed by 93%.   These cuts will cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Total aid spending is already less than 1% of the UK’s gross national income. So while these cuts will make little difference to the UK public, they will devastate the poorest people in the world.   Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell says cuts of this scale and severity cannot go ahead without parliamentary consent.   If more MPs speak out we can make a huge difference and protect our humanitarian aid budget. But to make that happen I need you to take action. Email your MP today urging them to hold the government to account and save UK aid.

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