Shelter Covid Appeal

With the announcement of a second national lockdown, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shown all of us the importance of a decent and safe home.

But, so far, the pandemic has devastated the economy. Millions of households are unable to cover rent payments and are struggling to survive on shrinking incomes.

Shelter services are hearing from people across the country who are finding it impossible to make ends meet. 

But the government can fix this. In a matter of weeks, they will decide whether or not to make a short-term £20 increase in Universal Credit permanent.  

So far, the extra £20 a week has been a lifeline for many families during the pandemic. 

But, this increase is due to end in April 2021, taking away a lifeline and cutting families adrift.

If you believe this increase needs to be made permanent, please email your MP. 
I’ll email my MP
Join us at Shelter, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and 60 other UK charities in calling on the government to make this lifeline permanent. 

Together, we can make sure the government #KeepTheLifeline.

Thank you for taking action.  

Campaigns Team 

P.S. If you are worried about your housing situation as a result of the second national lockdown, please visit our website to see our latest housing advice. We’re updating it regularly, so please check back later if you can’t find what you need straight away.

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