MI5 calls on Tech companies help

Sir Andrew Parker, MI5’s director general, has called on the technology and social media companies to establish a technical feature in their software platforms that allowed spy agencies “exceptional access”  and law enforcement access to encrypted messages, amid fear they cannot otherwise access such communications.

The Director is particularly concerned with Facebook, who recently announced plans to introduce powerful end-to-end encryption last March across the social media platforms services.

In an I.T.V interview below he talks not only about his time in the service the importance of the services officers and agents but responds to the 2017 London Bridge and Borough Terrorist attack criticism of both attackers having been known to MI5 but their risk flagged as low.

Sir Andrew spoke the frustration MI5 faces in intelligence gathering and “increasingly mystifying” that intelligence agencies like his are not able to easily read secret messages of terror suspects they are monitoring.

This resulted in cyberspace becoming  “a wild west, unregulated, inaccessible to authorities”, as he repeated calls that have been made by Britain’s spy agencies in recent years for special access to encrypted messages.

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